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Dream Lashes Advice and Tips Service

Have you done your training recently and seeking advice how to do great looking eyelash extensions? Do you want to promote your business to get more clients but don't know how?

Or maybe you've been doing eyelash extensions for a while but still struggle with some particular types of lashes. Or don't know why your clients' lashes fall out too quickly..
All new eyelash extension technicians need lots of practice until they know lots about
  • what eyelash extensions to use on what natural lashes, 
  • how to distinguish between strong and thick natural lashes and thin and weak ones
  • aftercare issues,
  • fixing eyelash extensions damaged by either a client or an other technician,
  • how to give your clients the effects they dream of
  • how to understand your clients needs
  • how to make your clients come back for more
  • how to take good pictures of your work
  • emergency problems during eyelash extensions application
  • etc... 

Dream Lashes offers Advice and Tips Service for those who want to do their job perfectly from the very beginning.

As an experienced eyelash extension trainer - I'm more than happy to guide you on how to become a technician your clients would trust. I will share my knowledge and experience with you to help you build up your clients base quicker and easier.

Many companies on the Internet, mostly Training Companies offer free advice and troubleshooting. They do, but they usually don't do live chat when you need it. You may be given a link to some websites or they can "copy and paste" some information from their own website or others. (out of my experience)

Dream Lashes offers virtual coaching; whenever you need it. Either by Facebook Chat, Texts or Emails. I always aim to answer all your questions immediately, or the latest - by the end of the day. I promise to treat you seriously and individually - feel free to ask any questions and share all your concerns with me regarding doing eyelash extensions and running your business.

How much does it cost?
30 days of unlimited help 

I will contact you as soon as payment received and discuss all details with you. Let me be your right hand!
Help available for you 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm for 30 days by
Text Messages
Facebook Chat

If you need more information about Dream Lashes Advice and Tips Service, please contact me now: 
or Facebook