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Before & After Pictures

Seeing is believing!

I know it might be hard to trust someone you don't know. That's why I'd like to show you some of my work. View the pictures and ask yourself: Do I really  want such beautiful, flirty and glamorous eyelashes?

Effects vary as each client requires something different. The results depend on how many eyelashes you have and how strong, long, thick and curly they are. You need to know that the final effects always depends on your own lashes, your eye shape, length of your lash line, the way your eyelashes grow etc.

Here you can see some of my pictures. If you want to see more - please visit my Facebook and there you'll find over 300 pictures!! 

If you like my pictures I would really appreciate if you 

Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions Southampton Eyelashes(all pictures on Dream Lashes website belong to me and I give no permission to use them anywhere without permission)

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