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You should always make sure your lashes are in good hands.

  • Have you had your lashes done and feel discomfort? 
  • Or itching? 
  • Pulling?
  • Does it make you rub your eyes, pull lashes, blink a lot?

Bad news. 
There is lots of technicians that are not qualified or have no experience, or simply do eyelash extensions for money and do not take it seriously. 
Most of them have learned just by watching other lash stylists at their work. Sometimes they believe they can learn how to do lashes by watching some videos on YouTube. 

That's WRONG! 

They know nothing about how to do it properly, incl. getting lashes prepared for a treatment, looking after them afterwards etc. Sometimes - because of impatience - they rush and do a treatment quickly; they miss lashes or stick them together. That helps them to get a treatment done faster, but unfortunately - it may cause more trouble than they think. Below you can see the effects of a non professional work. 

Before & After 
(I had to fix client's lashes, because they were seriously damaged by some other, not professional technician)

Dream Lashes Eyelash Extensions
Your lashes grow their own way; some grow faster than the others. When glued together, the faster lashes pull out the slower ones  :( 
Human eyelashes grow up, fall out naturally and grow back. Once they've been pulled out - they may never grow back. (TOP: that's how the lashes can look when done wrong. BOTTOM: how they should be done properly)

Dream Lashes Eyelash Extensions

Keep in mind - if any offer seems to be too good to be true - DON'T TAKE A RISK!!
(TOP: that's how the lashes can look when done wrong. BOTTOM: how they should be done properly)

Below - after having the eyelashes done many many times by unexperienced person, the client lost her own lashes. Her natural ones have been CUT OFF for some reason (!) and PULLED OUT. I recommended leaving them alone for few weeks so they can get recovered and hopefully grow back. 

Dream Lashes Eyelash Extensions Bad lashes

Dream Lashes Eyelash Extensions Bad lashes

On the left - the perfect example of how big mistake you can make if you go to non-professional person that doesnt know ESSENTIAL rules about the eyelashes and eyelash extensions!! Lash extensions are way too long, too curly and too thick, considering such a little tiny and thin natural ones! That is WRONG and ALWAYS ends up with serious damages!

Below - That's what I need to deal with quite often. I do my best to fix the lashes.. or rather rescue them...

damaged lashes, dream lashes, eyelash extensions southampton bad lashesdamaged lashes, dream lashes, eyelash extensions southampton, bad lashes

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions should ALWAYS be applied individually, one by one, perfectly separated.

Dream Lashes Eyelash Extensions

Dream Lashes Eyelash Extensions

If you've had your lashes done you're unhappy with; if they itch, are heavy, or you feel them everytime you blink,  or have any concerns about your lash extensions - contact me now! I will fix them, giving you flawless. nice feeling lashes. 

Text: 07877928684

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Having eyelash extensions applied that are either too thick or too long for the natural lash they are attached to can cause problems like these: 
  • Extensions that are not matched in diameter with the natural lash will NOT last as long. 
  • With an eyelash extension that is larger in diameter than the natural lash, there is less of an attachment area between the extension and the lash. The “overhang” from the lash extension reduces the strength of the bond and can cause the extension to shed from the natural lash prematurely. 
  • Eyelash extensions that are too heavy for the natural lash will weigh the natural lash down, causing your lashes to hang in front of your eye, catch on your bottom lashes and you will not see the perky lift you desire from your extensions. 
  • Lash extensions that are too heavy for the natural lash will tangle and crisscross constantly and require extra grooming. 
  • Excessive weight from using eyelash extensions that are too thick or too long for the natural lash can cause the natural lash itself to prematurely shed or even break off. 
  • Natural lashes that have extensions attached to them that are too heavy can begin to grow in pointing downward; precisely the look you do NOT want from your lashes! 
  • Repeatedly applying extensions that are too heavy for the natural lashes will, over time, damage the lash hair follicle, inhibiting future growth and potentially causing permanent lash loss. (This is why we also recommend against having Flares & Clusters regularly attached to your natural lashes!)