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With Dream Lashes you'll get the greatest looking, long lasting  eyelashes and make your friends envy! 

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How does it work?

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1 single silk/mink eyelash applied to each of your natural lashes with a special type of adhesive. The lashes can last up to 4-6 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural eyelashes. Though the average cycle of a single lash is about 90-120 days, factors such as your eyelash characteristics, lifestyle and general care of your eyelashes will affect how long your last. Usually you'll need a maintenance every 3-4 weeks to keep your eyelash extensions full. If you're lucky - you can enjoy your cool eyelashes even longer, (some women don't need infills for up to 8 weeks). What we'll do afterwards is an adding as many eyelash extensions as required to get a dream lashes effect back.

2D-6D lashes (also known as Volume Lashes or Russian Volume) -  2-6 lash extensions applied to each of your lashes! It creates extra volume and maximum fullness! More information about Volume Lashes, click HERE

I work from home based salon - in Southampton, Hampshire, UK. Treatment takes about 1-2.5 hours and it's totally painless. You will get relaxed and maybe have a nap which can help you after busy working day.

Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions Southampton Eyelashes

I'm qualified, experienced (over 9000 lash sets done) and fully insured.